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The Infinity Dagger is a dagger weapon that can be obtained by combining the. 1.

For all of the weapons listed on this site, the provided damage values are the weapons' base damage (BaseWeaponDamage in the following formula).

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Through Gifts, players may perform unique actions such as buffing and healing themselves and their.


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See source code, demo links, tech stack, github stars.


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1 steel ingot.


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This specific Terminator model sacrificed some offensive power by employing a more defensively.


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Step 2 find the 20 daggers that are findable.

For other uses, see Dagger.

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Gift Code.

Dagger Code I'm stoked to see Dagger's version of a high rocker river runner creeker.

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The actual damage your character will do with a weapon is derived from the base damage according to your character's weapon skill, your character's Strength, and the weapon's current.

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Step 1 get the dagger quest.

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With a finely tempered alloy blade and beautiful detailing on the hilt, the Elite Dagger was once the hallmark of the Grey Special Forces, a highly trained strike force eventually replaced by a model of Robotron Terminator known as the V17.

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The following codes have expired and are no longer active.

Available in SM, MD, and LG sizes with Dagger's class-leading ContourErgo Outfitting.

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